Why You Should Not buy Galaxy S8 this year? Some Myths are in air :P

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On March 29, Samsung will announce its latest flagship smartphone the Galaxy S8.

But I will recommend you to not to buy Galaxy S8.

Now you must be wondering, why I m saying so.

Maybe you would be thinking that Galaxy S8 will catch fire when you put it for charging or will not perform as it has only 4GB RAM. Whereas right now we have many good smartphones offering 6GB RAM at a cheaper price. But this is not the correct reason “ why I am not going to pre-order Galaxy S8?

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But you all thinking it in wrong way.

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Let me tell you why you should not buy Samsung galaxy S8.

When I am buying Samsung galaxy S7 and S6, I purchase them because of their latest features and new options. But I want a mobile phone which lasts for a long time not for the short period of time when I buy it.

Mainly there are five reasons why I am not going to buy Samsung Galaxy S8.

BATTERY Issues with high-end Galaxy Phones

Whenever I go to buy a smartphone, the basic feature which I look first is the battery. I need a mobile phone which doesn’t need to charge after 5 hours. Just after buying Galaxy S6 and S7 I am very much happy with the battery but within one year simply destroyed. I need to charge my battery between my meetings which I hate the most and time I am not going to repeat my mistake again with buying Samsung Galaxy S8.

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Increase in phone heating with normal tasks

Just imagine, if you have a smartphone with metal body and it heats up instantly while using. Do you go for a mobile which gets heats up after using it for half an hour. You don’t be able to even touch it within one hour. It heats up that much. I also hates this so much. I am using social media website for my promotional events on Samsung Galaxy S7 and within half an hour my mobile heats up like a pan. I don’t be able to touch it anymore. The same thing will be expected with Galaxy S8 because the outer body of the mobile is covered with metal which heats up easily also metal is good conductor of heat.

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Just imagine, you are receiving a phone call from your mother or father and you are not able to receive that call or we can say that you are just swiping the phone’s green button to pick the call and that’s not swiping just because your phone hangs up. And after this you will be scolded by your mother. I know you feel so irritated. So it’s better to take precautions first. This problem is going to occur with Samsung Galaxy S8. I know you never wants to buy a smartphone like this.

MY CHOICE IS CLEAR: Will wait for something better of Note8 :V 😛

I am not that much excited about Galaxy S8. I am really get fed up from Galaxy S6 and S7 and I am not going to repeat my mistake again because I know it is not going to change. I would like to use that money somewhere else in buying a better smartphone. Also, i can wait for upcoming Galaxy Note 8 or even iPhone 8 which are going to launch by the end of this year.

Samsung is going to announce its S8 flagship on march, 29. Click below to get all the details and watch the live stream.

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