Samsung Galaxy S8 Active – Specs, Release Date, Features, Price

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is about to hit the market on July 2017. Galaxy S8 Active will be modified and advanced version of S8 Edge.

Update: Samsung has confirmed its Galaxy Unpacked Event through their official youtube channel. The event will happen on 29.03.2017 as we rumored earlier. Here we have the official live Stream Video of Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+.

Watch Galaxy S8 & S8+ Live Stream Below

Samsung has so far released so many flagship smartphones over the last couple of years, usually competing for the top spot for the best smartphone device of the year. It has already set a trend that always keep their customers and fans on their toes waiting for each new release. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active rumors are already flooding the internet with almost a year left before its release. It is expected to be the best Galaxy Active smartphone ever to be made by this industry leading company, with some creative and innovative features that will make it stand out from the rest. Some of the features will be improvements of what is currently there but we also expect to see new useful and exciting ones.

release date of samsung galaxy s8 active

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Release date

Judging from history, Samsung are likely to stick to the same yearly release date for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active in 2017. This is usually around the second quarter of the year, mostly during the month of June or 1st week of July. It will be available in different countries on different dates however, with Europe, and United States are expected to be among the first places that it will be available in. Galaxy S8 Active Release Date is still not available but we are predicting that from previous trends. We are 99% sure that Samsung will follow same pattern.

Hot Rumors about Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

There are so many rumors surrounding the Galaxy S8 Active already, with almost a year left before its release. Most of these rumors are based on some substantiated analysis but they cannot be backed up by facts. The rumors talk of better and faster processor, features and new technologies. Some improved accessories also make it to the rumors circle. It is believed that it is going to have AT&T as the only carrier once again, offering the options of full purchase or installments.

The Galaxy S8 Active Specs are also likely to be bumped a little higher to cope with the new technology requirements. A few of the main goals that the smartphone will try to hit are durability, enhanced functionality, amazing visual appeal, unique productivity, superb quality visuals and becoming a trend setter for this year.

Galaxy S8 Active Features and Specifications

Sizzling Galaxy S8 Active Specifications

If you are eager to know that Specification of S8 Active then you should check below. I tried to cover everything including Processor, Memory, RAM, Dimension and other things in highly rumored specs.


The battery is likely going to be bumped up to 4500mAh. This is going to be in response to the cry of many users who wish to have smartphone with longer lasting batteries. The battery will also use the fast charge technology which allows you to charge up to 80% within just half an hour. Wireless charging technology is also going to be incorporated in the device allowing your phone to charge fast by simply placing it on a charging mat. Rumors have it that a new type of battery will be used but as far as things are right now, the Li-ion batteries are likely to be the ones to be used.

Camera of S8 Active

Camera has become one of the main reasons that people are buying high end smartphones. Samsung knows this and that is why they are going to do whatever it takes to make sure that Samsung Galaxy S8 has the best camera ever seen in their s-series. The rear camera will have 28 megapixels while the front camera is going to be of 8.1 megapixels. Both the rear and front cameras will have some amazing features that will enable anyone to take professional photographs in whichever lighting conditions. Some of the main features will be auto laser focus, optical image stabilization, HDR, facial recognition and geo tagging. You also get the option of downloading some other features if you wish to get more.


With the device being majorly optimized for media, a good memory size becomes an obvious requirement. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active will come in two options, one with 64GB and the other with 128 GB internal memory. Both will have dual micro SD slots that can handle memory cards of up to 128 GB each. The RAM is going to be 8 GB to help with all the processing and multitasking.


The processor is going to have to be up to the task of handling all the major operations without any delays. The Snapdragon Qualcomm octa-core 3.2 GHz processor is the best candidate so far, but we might be seeing a better one soon. The processor should be able to handle so many operations at once without slowing down the device in any way. It should also not heat up pretty easy and fast, no matter how much you use it.


The display of a smartphone is a very essential part of it, which Samsung will not disappoint in with the Samsung S8 Active. The 4K display size will be 5.5 inches measured diagonally. The screen resolution will also be quite high, 4096 x 2160.

Unique Features of Galaxy S8 Active

Some of the new Galaxy S8 Active features that we expect from the company include a revolutionized eye scanner that will give the most accurate results within the shortest possible time. The device will be protected using a new version of Gorilla Glass protection that will be able to withstand most of the common impacts such as phone falling from about three feet to the ground, thanks to its shock proof properties. The security features are going to be beefed up in order to make the device as secure as a smart device can ever be making it useful and reliable for even business. A couple of mobile payment options are also going to be included just to add on to the convenience that the device is going to offer.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

From the accessories side, the Galaxy S8 Active will come shipped with new types of headsets. The headsets will be wireless and produce audio clarity and quality like has never been seen before. It will come pre-installed with the latest version of Android that will be available by the time of release.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Price

It is going to come as good new to many consumers that the price of this future device is going to remain fairly competitive with no significant increase likely to be noted during the release time. The prices during the release dates will be availed through full purchase, carrier contacts and payments via installment. 700 US dollars is the price of S8 Active that we are likely going to get.

It should be noted that Galaxy S8 Price will be different for various counties. Based on your location, you will have to spend either low or high. Samsung will set it for maximum pleasure and happiness!

Samsung has not yet given out anything official in relation to the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S8, but a lot has been made quite obvious by now. It is expected to be a game changer in the industry, setting up the pace for the others to follow. The Samsung Company has so far not disappointed when it comes to Galaxy S Active series,and are not likely to do so anytime soon.

If you have any queries about Specification, Price, Feature of Release Date of Galaxy S8 Active then you can contact us by commenting here. We are going to update you with more rumours and leaks of Galaxy S8 Active here on weekly basis.

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    1. Most likely, yes.
      Samsung is working towards making any of their phones running Andriod Nogaut (Andriod 7.0) daydream VR ready, so it will support VR. This includes the Galaxy S8, S8+, and Galaxy S8 active, which will all release with Andriod 7.0. Also, I currently use a Galaxy S7 active as my daily driver, and it’s running Andriod 7.0 (Not VR supported). This does show hope for the VR support in the future as they will be able to use this as a ‘test run’ for future development with the Galaxy S Active series.
      Sadly, not much was officially confirmed about the Galaxy S8 active compared to the S8 and S8+, so nothing is set in stone. We can hope that Samsung will please their customers and make it VR ready.

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