Galaxy UNPACKED 2017: Rumours, Time and Schedule

When comes to Samsung products, it is one of the best and largest selling product across the world. One can easily know the fact by seeing the followers of this brand. Yes, it is massive when compare to the other brands. According to the latest information from the team, the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be on March 29th. It is said to be one of the mega events to be conducted by the team in New York City. Also, the rumours spreading that the phone has the great features as well when compare to the previous instalment S7.

Galaxy Unpacked event

What can we expect in Galaxy UNPACKED 2017?

During the mega launch of Samsung Galaxy S8, one can expect the testing process of the mobile phone. It is going to happen with the arrangements of schedule. Yes, we can expect the battery test, that how long it takes the space of dry and then a quality test of the camera. You can also expect the testing process of water resists, that how long it will stay in the water. These are the important events that we can expect on unveil event of the massive product by the team.

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Galaxy S8 is going to biggest launch ever

After the huge debacle of Samsung Note 7, the Samsung Galaxy 8 is ready to reveal. One must know the previous failure instalment note 7 have faced the disastrous loss of over $5 billion. Also, the fans of this product worried about the massive setback of the company. Still, on a positive note and they believe this launch and the product Samsung Galaxy 8 will bring out the huge success in their kit. Hope we can expect the result of the phone will be on some time of the month of April. The launch is expected to happen with the number of events and official test process. However, the launch was supposed to happen in Feb with MWC event.

Attractive Features of S8

As per the rumours and sources, the S8 has striking features to purchase at any time. It also has the potential to grab the attention of the fans with various great features. One should know that the mobile is ready to support the 4k video quality. It means the product is going to give us a wholesome new experience. According to the reports, the camera quality also very high compared to the previous instalment. Thus the phone has two rear cameras which mainly help to take the great quality of self-pictures. There are also rumours that Samsung may be working on a Galaxy S8 Active variant as well.

Galaxy Unpacked Event 2017 News

The company is expected to sell the stylish S8 in the market on April 14 or April 18 according to the sources. When comes to the look of S8, the serial leaker Evan has released the picture on Twitter. The photo of the mobile has taken the massive lead response among the fans of Samsung. The curvy stylish edges and the front look of the phone are impressive. However, it resembles the previous instalment of Samsung. You can also check the photo of the galaxy that the home button has the lack of space. The display screen is expected to be around 5.8 inches to 6.4 inches. Hope the official event will clarify all of our doubts.