Galaxy UNPACKED 2017: Rumours, Time and Schedule

When comes to Samsung products, it is one of the best and largest selling product across the world. One can easily know the fact by seeing the followers of this brand. Yes, it is massive when compare to the other brands. According to the latest information from the team, the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be on March 29th. It is said to be one of the mega events to be conducted by the team in New York City. Also, the rumours spreading that the phone has the great features as well when compare to the previous instalment S7.

Galaxy Unpacked event

What can we expect in Galaxy UNPACKED 2017?

During the mega launch of Samsung Galaxy S8, one can expect the testing process of the mobile phone. It is going to happen with the arrangements of schedule. Yes, we can expect the battery test, that how long it takes the space of dry and then a quality test of the camera. You can also expect the testing process of water resists, that how long it will stay in the water. These are the important events that we can expect on unveil event of the massive product by the team.

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Galaxy S8 is going to biggest launch ever

After the huge debacle of Samsung Note 7, the Samsung Galaxy 8 is ready to reveal. One must know the previous failure instalment note 7 have faced the disastrous loss of over $5 billion. Also, the fans of this product worried about the massive setback of the company. Still, on a positive note and they believe this launch and the product Samsung Galaxy 8 will bring out the huge success in their kit. Hope we can expect the result of the phone will be on some time of the month of April. The launch is expected to happen with the number of events and official test process. However, the launch was supposed to happen in Feb with MWC event.

Attractive Features of S8

As per the rumours and sources, the S8 has striking features to purchase at any time. It also has the potential to grab the attention of the fans with various great features. One should know that the mobile is ready to support the 4k video quality. It means the product is going to give us a wholesome new experience. According to the reports, the camera quality also very high compared to the previous instalment. Thus the phone has two rear cameras which mainly help to take the great quality of self-pictures. There are also rumours that Samsung may be working on a Galaxy S8 Active variant as well.

Galaxy Unpacked Event 2017 News

The company is expected to sell the stylish S8 in the market on April 14 or April 18 according to the sources. When comes to the look of S8, the serial leaker Evan has released the picture on Twitter. The photo of the mobile has taken the massive lead response among the fans of Samsung. The curvy stylish edges and the front look of the phone are impressive. However, it resembles the previous instalment of Samsung. You can also check the photo of the galaxy that the home button has the lack of space. The display screen is expected to be around 5.8 inches to 6.4 inches. Hope the official event will clarify all of our doubts.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. Google Pixel 2: Comparison

Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel 2, both hopes to put the squeeze on one of the year’s top sellers with their upcoming phones, so we’ve put the two devices against each other to see which comes out on top. Samsung is going to announce its upcoming Galaxy flagship with S8 and S8 plus while Google will have Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 in their portfolio. Both the devices are rumoured to feature amazingly fast specifications with improved features.

Galaxy S8 vs. Pixel 2

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. Pixel 2: Comparison


  • Google Pixel 2: 5.7 inch
  • Galaxy S8: 5.8 inch

The two phones aren’t markedly different in dimensions but the feel in the hand is comparable, the Pixel 2 has a corning Gorilla glass while Samsung S8 has a new super AMOLED. The Galaxy S8 is more desirable of the two with the Pixel 2 coming off as a little plain. Google Pixel 2 is IP68 water resistance but S8 is IP68 Certified water and even dust resistance. So, the S8 wins in the toughness stakes too.


  • Google Pixel 2: Android 7.1
  • Galaxy S8: Android 7.0

If there’s one thing in the Pixel’s favor, it’s the software. You’re guaranteed a purer Android experience on the Google phone. The Google Pixel 2 runs the very latest version of Android Naught (7.1) which debuts new. Split- screen functionality, enhanced notifications and both security and battery improvements. The Galaxy S8 will benefit from Naught eventually, but for the same time being its running Marshmallow topped Samsung’s custom overlay.

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  • Google Pixel 2: Adreno 540 GPU, Snapdragon 835 soc, 6GB RAM.
  • Samsung S8: Exynos 8895, Snapdragon 835, 4GB RAM.

The Galaxy S8 uses Snapdragon 835 chipset. The Pixel 2 is very same with the Snapdragon 835. The Galaxy S8 is powered by Samsung’s Exynos 8895 chip outside the US. The Exynos advantage of big, little heterogeneous multiprocessing which unlocks all the physical core for using them at the same time.


  • Google Pixel 2: 16 MP rear facing and 8 MP front facing.
  • Samsung Galaxy S8: 16 MP rear facing and 8 MP front facing.

The camera of both the phones are same but Google has made a lot of noise about the Pixel’s picture taking process.


  • Google Pixel 2: 2900 MAH
  • Galaxy S8: 3000 MAH

Both handsets have quick charging facilities and the Galaxy S8 goes on further though with its built-in wireless charging, and IR blaster too.


  • Google Pixel 2: 64 GB
  • Samsung S8: 64 GB

The Google Pixel offers two extremes when it comes to storage. In our mind, 64 GB is too widely and 128 GB will probably please more buyers. And Google offers free unlimited online storage for photo and video content, which we guess is worth something.

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In terms of storage options for the Galaxy S8, only 64 GB variant is available in the UK but this can be expandable up to 256 GB via MicroSD.

pixel 2 vs galaxy s8

Google Pixel 2 vs. Galaxy S8: IN SHORT

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 seems to hold many of the cards on this occasion, but we’ll need to conduct our full review to see just how the hardware story plays out.

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If the Pixel’s camera is as impressive as it’s claimed to be it could displace our current favorite. Certainly, Google’s effort impresses with the operating system, and we’re fairly certain that the Snapdragon 835 will beat its predecessor in benchmarks. Do comment and let us know regarding your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions regarding these two upcoming.

Samsung Confirms “Galaxy S8 Plus” Variant

This year we are going to see some amazing smartphone and Galaxy S8 is going to one of the biggest hit by Samsung. Last year we have seen amazing camera features, refined design and powerful specs in S7 and S7 Edge. Taking from the past glories, we all are expecting something spectacular from upcoming S8. As per the latest rumours and updates Samsung is working on two Galaxy s8 variants. Both devices are going to offer Edge display.

The first device will be named in the conventional manner “GalaxyS8”, however the larger size phablet will be called by Galaxy S8 Plus. The S8 is going to be a 5.5 inch and the second one is 6.2 inch S8 Plus. Both phones are going offer new Samsung AMOLED display with 2k resolution. Talking about the internal specifications, it will run on Snapdragon 835 or latest Exynos 8895 SoC with 4GB / 6GB RAM inside. It will be protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5, and will have IP68 standard water & dust resistance.

Galaxy S8 Plus

However the specification are not official till now but still we almost have most of the specs right now. This year, Galaxy phone fans are going to see Iris Eye Scanner, better fingerprint scanner, new design in S8. Both phones will be available in 64GB storage options with external micro SD supportable.

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Looking onto its camera specs, till now there are not much talk happen. But we all think it may have a better camera then previous generation S7 which was awesome. Samsung may launch S8 packed with a 12 MP f/1.6 aperture primary camera and 8 MP front camera with amazing sensors. Unlike Apple iPhone’s, Samsung will not discard 3.5 mm jack from its phablets. Talking about its design, Samsung is going to do soma major changes in S8, it will not have the physical button at front panel. Not having the physical home button will give a chance to improvise and use new bezels that will certainly make it more beautiful and dashing mobile device ever.

When we are going to see “Galaxy S8” in Hands!

Samsung may release this device by March 29. Earlier we have expected it to release with MWC event but after the disastrous Note 7 blast incident Samsung has seen many ups and down. So, that’s all we have for now. Its time to wait and see what Samsung will bring this summer. You can leave you thoughts by commenting below and before going feel free to like and share us by clicking below social buttons.

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